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Ryan's Ol' House of Shizz

d00fybatz: Original Flava
27 April
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This was my first LJ... started not too long after Atlantis fell into the sea. Ok, it's not that old. But sometimes it feels like it is. Anywho, I rarely use it anymore... but, then again, perhaps it's time to put it to use again. After all, I'm a total sucker for sentimentality.
50's, anne rice, art, assemblage 23, bass, batcave, bauhaus, bela lugosi, big electric cat, blair witch project, breathing, carnival of souls, catholicism, chicago blackhawks, civil war, clan of xymox, colorado avalanche, council of nicea, covenant, criminology, danvers state hospital, danzig, death rock, democratic party, dracula, drawing, ed wood, elektro, evil's toy, fear, feindflug, fictional, flirting, forensics, frankenstein, funker vogt, ghastly ones, ghosts, goth, goth music, gothic, guitar, hauntings, history, hockey, horror, horror punk, hypnoskull, industrial, interview with the vampire, invader zim, jack the ripper, jagermeister, jfk, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kids in the hall, kurt cobain, lenore, lestat, mafia, military history, monsters, movies, mst3k, music, myrtles plantation, mythology, necros, new jersey devils, new york rangers, nhl, nirvana, notld, noxious emotion, old buildings, oscar wilde, paranormal, peter murphy, photography, politics, project pitchfork, public image ltd, queen of the damned, reading, resident evil, robert de niro, rockabilly, roman dirge, samhain, seattle, session 9, sex, sex pistols, sleeping, spokane, spooky, st francisville experiment, star wars, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, synapscape, the cure, the godfather, the last broadcast, the misfits, the mummy, the sopranos, the vampire armand, the young ones, tim burton, tom grant, universal monsters, urban exploration, vampire lestat, vampires, video games, vnv nation, voltaire, warlock pinchers, whining, world war ii, x-files, zombie movies, zombies