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"The plan is simple, see... We delay the UN inspecshunists fer 8 days, startin' day after tomorra. Then, tomorra, we tell that Saddam he dun got six days ta let the inspecshunists look at his intire country. See? Then it dun look on paper like we give him a chance, but he really don't got nuff time tuh cumply, see. That thar trick dun werked real good when the Daddy's and Reagan's supreem cort jusges what stopped them recounts, and I rekon it'll work good like here, too."

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    Hands up if you remember this journal! ;)

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  • well, back to work.

    "Whun, too, three, fore, I delare a Class War! Five, sicks, sevin, ate, the upper class will dominate!"

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