d00fybatz: Original Flava (turbolemur) wrote,
d00fybatz: Original Flava

Curious George goes to Congress

"OK, fellers... now, tomorra I rekon we're a-gonna go to them congress fellers and pleed our case for the bombin' of that Saddam in Irack. We're a-gonna say what we gotta say, and we're gonna respect thar upinyuns... If they say no, we're gonna take that, an' get on tah workin' on the economee and creatin' jobs for Amarkin peepul....


har har har... that wuz a good wun, huh? yeee-hah... Scarred ya dint I? Nah, if them liberal pussies tell us no, we're A-GONNA BOMB THAT SADDAM ANYWAY!! Now let's git us some oil, boys!!!!
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