d00fybatz: Original Flava (turbolemur) wrote,
d00fybatz: Original Flava

Bush's Poetry Corner

"Commies are red
Oil is black
Daddy dun a speech
with a big bag of crack...

no.. that ain't good.

I'm still the boss
though I lost the elecshun.
I rekon I gave the econamee
a lethal injecshun.

Nah.. I don't like that one.

I'll return this country's values
Back to the days of the Edsel.
So please Lord Jesus
Don't let me choke on a pretzel.

Aw, shit, slim... I rekon it's hopeless. I figgered makin' young voters rekon I'm a sensutive art feller was a shore way tuh get the youth vote in 2004. Any one else gots any idears?
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